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The iPad is More than a Game Machine... but Games are Good!

I've been waiting for a computer that will be ideal for learning and exploring. The smart phones got close, but too small for my big fingers. The Kindle got close, but too black and white. The iPad... that just might be the ticket with interactivity, connectivity, some limited input capabilities. And that lean-back size and weight. Nice.

So if you want to develop content for the iPad, now's the time to learn the functionalities that will change from past content the future that combines game tech with reading, with slideshows, and web interaction.

I'm just curious if this summit... and others will be available on your local iPad!

BLOG: and News

The iPad Summit, June 28, 2010, San Francisco

The iPad Summit is the place for game and entertainment industry executives to learn about the latest market research, trends and spending habits of the iPad user.

If your company is producing interactive entertainment you need to be here. We have secured a group of fantastic speakers that will share their experience and expertise in developing, launching and monetizing games and entertainment on the iPad. First-hand, exclusive market research will be presented that will allow you to focus your efforts accordingly.

Executives from companies such as AdMob, Aurora Feint, ngmoco, Playfirst, Flurry, Riptide Games, VentureBeat, Chitika Research, Zong, IGN, Interpret, Mobclix, Hooked Media Group, M2 Research, XEODesign and many other top companies are participating in the iPad Summit.

(Those might be iPad companies to watch!)

Topics covered include:

  • The very latest market research, trends and spending habits
  • Case studies: Reports from the front lines of the iPad launch
  • Consumer behavior and demographic usage patterns
  • How to Integrate an iPad, iPhone and iTouch development strategy
  • Monetizing Games: Comparing Revenue models

    Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Jason Snell, VP/Editorial Director, Macworld
  • Daniel Ruby, Research Director, Chitika Research
  • Peter Farago, Vice President, Marketing, Flurry
  • Wanda Meloni, Founder, Senior Analyst, M2 Research
  • Chris Williams, Director, Mobile and Console, Playfirst
  • Dana Nelson, Lead Game Designer Diner Dash: Grilling Green, Playfirst
  • Dana Jongewaard, Executive Editor, Expanded Audiences, IGN
  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
  • Michael Cai, Vice President of Video Games,Interpret LLC
  • Nicole Lazzaro, President, XEODesign
  • Levi Buchanan, Editor, Mobile Games & Technology, IGN
  • Jason Oberfest, VP, Social Applications, ngmoco
  • Eric Futoran, VP of Business Development and Advertising Operations, Hooked Media Group
  • Brian Robbins, Founder, Riptide Games
  • Eros Resmini, VP Marketing and Developer Relations, Aurora Feint, Inc.
  • Jason Spero, Vice President & General Manager of North America, AdMob
  • Nitin Chitkara, VP of Business Development, Mobclix
  • Richard Borenstein, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sale, Zong Location - South San Francisco Conference Center

    iPad Summit takes place at the South San Francisco Conference Center, just minutes from the San Francisco Airport (SFO).

    ONE DAY -- The Summit starts at 10am and ends at 5pm. So if you are traveling by plane all you have to do is fly into SFO that morning and take a 5 min cab ride to the South San Francisco Conference Center, where the summit takes place. No extra overnight costs. Simply take the early morning flight on the morning of the show, June 28, and fly out that evening. No worries about arriving a day early and having to spending the night.

    Registration is s \$350 (until May 28th). Details are available here:

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