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Educational Technology - an Overview

By Carolyn Allen, Editor

This video overview of educational games (2006) includes interviews with Jim Gee, Clark Aldrich, and Henry Jenkins the Keynote for the SGS DC 2006. It is 20 minutes of very informative updates about the educational / serious games niche market.

The Educational Technology team at OCDE offers schools and districts throughout Orange County a wide variety of technology related services and assistance to support the unique needs of each district. The OCDE Educational Technology team is part of the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP), a statewide educational technology leadership initiative, providing assistance to schools and districts in integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Orange County's source for science, environment and technology information at Blogs from Sciencedude, Edge of Nature by Pat Brennan, ...

Orange County Public Schools Career & Technical Education, Hey You! ... Career Programs. & Adult Ed (GED, ESOL). Automotive Services Technology (FL) -

AeANET : 15th Annual AeA High-Tech Innovation Awards & Technology ... Jun 6, 2008 ... Orange County and Inland Empire's robust technology companies and ..... Christine Fox, State Education Technology Director's Association ...

Orange County Convention Center | Thoughts from a tech specialist... Tags: Classroom, education, K through 12, Orange County Convention Center, ... Thoughts from a tech specialist… | Proudly hosted by Lunarpages Web Hosting ... -

OCDE partnerships are able to bring interactive whiteboards, student response systems, interactive learning environments, video conferencing, and more to districts.

SMART Technologies enables educators and students to share and access the information they need quickly and easily. Product discounts include easy to use interactive whiteboards, student response systems, interactive software and more.

Promethean Activclassroom is an all-in-one solution that integrates formative assessment, resources and dynamic instructional tools. Promethean offers discounted pricing on interactive whiteboards, student response systems, remote tablets and software designed to engage students and empower teachers.

Qwizdom student response systems are designed to engage everyone in the classroom or audience. Watch as classes become inspired while using the handheld remotes and teachers are able to quickly and easily access the assessment information they need. Discounted pricing on response systems and the California Content standard aligned Ready Set software are available to educators throughout Region 9.

Vantage Learning’s MyAccess! is a scalable online assessment and instruction program for K-12 schools. Focusing upon writing in the curriculum, Vantage is a proven solution to improve student achievement that provides educators with high-quality tools and resources that motivate students to learn and create meaningful interactions between students, parents and teachers.

Worldbook Online is the premier online reference source. With thousands of articles, multimedia assets, websites and more available to students, educators no longer need worry about setting students loose in Google and hoping for the best when researching.

OC Online and Angel Learning offer a comprehensive e-learning solution for web-enhanced and online courses to meet the needs of all students. The ease of use and powerful tool set make it possible for educators to develop, deliver and implement a technology rich curriculum that engages learners, informs parents and eases the workload of educators. softchalk_image

SoftChalk LessonBuilder is designed for educators to deliver interactive web based lessons quickly and easily. If you can use Word than LessonBuilder will be a snap for you. Its simple interface and design enable anyone to build online content. elluminate_image

Elluminate is a powerful online meeting place. Designed to host your class or faculty meeting, Elluminate allows educators to lead discussion, chat, videoconference, share whiteboards, slides, documents and more in an easy to use environment. Make your classroom come alive online with Elluminate.

California Vision Technologies is a local provider of classroom technology solutions. Based in Costa Mesa, CVT provides on-site training and support for all of their technology products. CVT product line includes notebook computers and projectors, desktop and portable document cameras, wireless RF tablets, student response systems, projector installations, classroom audio and interactive teaching software.

TurningPoint student polling systems integrate 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint - giving you the capability to author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving PowerPoint. TurningPoint Anywhere also provides an easy-to-use solution to non-PowerPoint based content. TurningPoint's unique design allows it to seamlessly operate with leading hardware and education content solutions providers like Glencoe McGraw-Hill, and other standard productivity tools such as Word, Excel, Blackboard, and WebCT. The result is TurningPoint, the most powerful student response system available, boasting maximum functionality with a minimal learning curve. Available for both the PC and Mac platforms.

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